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    13006 - Tai Chi - Tum Pai - Cane Defense

    13006 - Tai Chi - Tum Pai - Cane Defense

    Tai Chi - Tum Pai - Cane Defense
    Age: Seniors
    Tai Chi is: The health benefits of Tai Chi have been researched in a number of medical studies, The Mayo Clinic, Harvard, National Institutes of Health, and Emery University to name just a few. The research is vast, but the conclusion confirms what practitioners have known for centuries, Tai Chi can dramatically improve your coordination, balance and health. The graceful slow speed along with an emphasis on deep breathing creates mental focus, flexibility and calmness, which relieves stress. As a result, many Western Doctors are now recommend-ing Tai Chi to their patients.

    Tum-Pai is: "Understanding the movements of the center line and doing things the easiest way possi-ble". Incorporates the arts of Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Kempo & Chinese Silum Gung Fu and Paqua. Tum Pai is the soft version of "KaJuKenBo" with roots steeped in the acceptance and redirection of energy. Tai Chi is the heart of the art.

    Cane Defense is: This kind of STUDY is unique - developed by 5TH DEGREE BLACK BELT Sigung John Paul Jones specifically for those interested in alternative self defense. It represents many years of research and development; resulting in a program that is simple to understand and easy to remember. CLASS TOPICS INCLUDE: Guard Stance/Ready Stance, Defensive moves / ATTACKS, How to strike with POWER, RESTRAINT AND TAKEDOWNS. *STUDENTS MUST BE ENROLLED IN TAI-CHI. ALL ATTENDEES WILL BE REQUIRED TO USE AN ALUMINUM CANE (PICTURED) WITH ADJUSTMENT HOLES. Handle-- curved/ rubber grip the canes are available at all Walmart locations and Walgreen outlets. They can also be found at Goodwill stores in the area.

    Basic Tai-Chi - Noon
    Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:00PM - 1:30PM
    Fee: $55/month or $150/3 months
    Location: Lacamas Lake Lodge, 227 NE Lake Road

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    Read Notice13006-ATai Chi - Tum Pai - Cane Defense01/03/19- 01/31/1912:00P- 1:30PTu, Th13 years and Up$55Item DetailsUnavailableView Receipt Documents
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